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Hurricane Season Is Quickly Approaching

Hurricane season begins in less than two months which reinforces the importance of knowing what to do in the event a major storm strikes South Florida. As opposed to explaining what steps homeowners should take, let’s explore some that should not be taken.

Don’t wait. When a major storm damages multiple homes, you can expect insurance companies to become swamped with claims. The longer you wait to file your claim, the longer it will take for an adjuster to come out, examine the damage, and repair your home. It can take months in some cases.

Don’t allow a cursory examination. It’s not uncommon for an adjuster to come out and only take a short, superficial review of a home. They may even intentionally fail to thoroughly examine the damage, such as by going on the roof to check for issues. Make sure the adjuster examines everything and if they don’t, make a note of what was overlooked.

Don’t accept an initial estimate if you feel it isn’t justified. Homeowners mistakenly believe they must accept an insurance company’s estimate. While not always true, insurers try and close as many claims as possible within the shortest amount of time, which means the true cost of repairs may be undervalued. Hence, dispute the estimate if you don’t feel it’s justified.

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