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Hurricane Preparedness

hurricanePreparednessHurricane season began on June 1st and as most people know, Florida is notorious for being one of the states most at risk for hurricanes or tropical storms due to its location. Being prepared is essential and could literally save your life. Regardless of how many or how hurricanes are predicted, you should always be ready. Remember that Florida is known for having more hurricanes that make landfall than any other state in the country.

Due to various weather factors like warmer waters and the weakening El Niño, it’s predicted that this year will see a greater number of storms develop. Since you can never be too cautious, always know where your storm shutters are and the tools necessary to install them. If you’re forced to evacuate, make sure to check with your natural gas provider to whether any propane gas should be turned off.

Inside your home, look over your supply list to make sure you have enough water, batteries, and other essentials like non-perishable food. Because electricity can easily be knocked out for a few days, make sure your mobile phone remains charged and have a car adapter available so you can stay charged. Since cellular service can also be affected, it may be worth considering having a conventional cord telephone available.

You should also have at least a two week supply of medications and at least a week’s worth of cash available in case your ATM is out of cash or cannot work due to an extended power outage. If you live in a condominium make sure to bring in any loose objects from the balcony as these can easily become projectiles during a strong storm.

Consider contacting a close friend or family member who lives in another state to be your single point of contact so all of your loved ones will be accounted for once the storm has come and gone.

You should also know the difference between a hurricane watch and a warning. A watch means that hurricane level winds may potentially affect a specified area and it is issued within 48 hours of its anticipated arrival. A warning means that these winds are expected in an area and is issued within 36 hours of its anticipated arrival.

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