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Hurricane Preparedness 101

With hurricane season in full swing and weather analysts predicting an above-average number of storms, you may wish to start preparing in case a major storm does decide to make its way to South Florida. The following tips may seem familiar but are worth highlighting, especially for first-time homeowners that have yet to experience the destructive power of a hurricane.

Make your evacuation preparations now. Figure out a place that you can stay in the event you’re forced to evacuate. FEMA has an app that will show nearby emergency shelters. As for your vehicle, ensure that you always have at least half a tank of gas. You may also wish to keep supplies such as a flashlight, first aid kit, batteries, and backup batteries to charge your phones. Keep a bag handy filled with clothes and any medications you may need to take. Should you have friends or relatives that live in other states, consider checking in with them to keep your status current.

Check your home. Pay close attention to doors and windows and ensure they are reinforced or protected. Examine the drains and gutters to get rid of debris. If any trees stand close to your home, you may wish to trim them down. Place any lightweight objects indoors and anchor those that cannot be brought inside.

Gather your documents. Find a waterproof container and ensure documents such as your homeowners’ insurance policy, medical records, and passports are inside of it.

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