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Hurricane Michael Serves as a Warning to Homeowners

As we mentioned in a previous blog, hurricane season isn’t over until the end of next month, and the fact that Hurricane Michael is now a Category 2 storm on its way to Florida’s Gulf Coast serves as a reminder that hurricanes can still happen. While it’s too late to make any changes to an insurance policy, homeowners in other areas prone to hurricanes (i.e.: South Florida) should use this as another reminder to check their coverage.

As the flooding from Hurricane Florence and the damage from last year’s Hurricane Irma reminds us, a storm can cause millions of dollars in damages, so it is extremely important to ensure that homeowners have enough coverage before a storm hits. Waiting until the last minute means running the risk of not having the coverage ready when a storm hits. If the storm has already been named, chances are any changes won’t go into effect until after the storm passes.

While homeowners are at risk, it’s worth mentioning that renters are also vulnerable to the effects of a major storm. If you rent, you may not realize the value of the contents in your rental home. By having renter’s insurance, you can ensure your belonging are covered and you’ll also be better prepared in the event you’re forced to move due to extensive damage to the home.

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