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Hurricane Michael and Its Wind Damage

As Hurricane Michael recovery efforts continue, the amount of damage that it has caused is reminding many of another storm that once ripped through South Florida and caused a massive amount of carnage. That storm was Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which practically destroyed the city of Homestead, Florida.

For years, Hurricane Andrew stood as the “benchmark” when it came to damages caused by wind. Besides the material damages, the Category 5 storm also claimed the lives of more than sixty people. Despite its relatively small size, the winds were incredibly intense. As more insight into Hurricane Michael continues, it appears this latest storm may have followed in Andrew’s footsteps, striking the Florida Panhandle with a similar intensity.

With the strong winds of Hurricane Michael and the number of homes affected, many homeowners may find themselves having to assess the damage and face a potentially long wait when dealing with their insurance company. Whether it’s getting an adjuster to come out and survey all of the property damage or making sure the homeowners insurance company is giving you the money you deserve for all of the damage, legal representation may be necessary. If that’s the case, we may be able to help.

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