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Hurricane Irma Claims Surpass $8 Billion

For those of you that are keeping tabs regarding Hurricane Irma and the damage it caused, a recent Herald Tribune article says claims have now reached close to $9 billion. Over 900,000 property homeowners have filed Irma claims due to losses caused by the storm, which made its way through Florida last year. While the majority of the claims have since been closed by either being paid or refused, close to 2,000 of them are still open.

If you’ve never had to file an insurance claim, congratulations. However, if a claim is filed and it is unpaid, the reasoning behind it is generally because the damage was determined to be less than the hurricane deductible is listed on the insurance policy. There are other reasons that may also lead to unpaid claims, such as if a tree falls into a yard but does not cause any damage to the property. Hence, it may be considered damage that is not covered.

According to the Office of Insurance Regulation, homeowners comprise two-thirds of the amount of claims. These claims—as well as the rest of the claims filed in Florida—do not include damage caused by flood which in most cases is not covered by homeowners’ insurance policies.

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