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Hurricane Dorian Is on the Way, Prepare Now

The latest updates on Hurricane Dorian suggest the storm may turn into a category three before it makes landfall in Florida. If you haven’t already done so, time is running out to prepare for the storm as stores in South Florida are quickly running out of supplies like bottled water, and lines become endlessly long. Here are a few other items to consider as you’re preparing for whatever Dorian may or may not have in store.

Now is the time to ensure that all of your emergency equipment like hurricane shutters and battery-powered radios are working properly. You also want to double-check that you have enough emergency supplies like water and non-perishable food for everyone in your household, at least three days worth if possible.

Don’t forget that storms can cause massive damage. Take a moment to carefully examine your homeowners or renters insurance to ensure everything is up to date and provides sufficient coverage. While it may be too late to make any changes, knowing what your policy covers will reduce the odds of unwanted surprises.

Speaking of damage, do what you can to minimize the chances of debris flying around and possibly damaging your home. Examine the yard, get rid of any tree trimmings or construction items and take them to the appropriate place.

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