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How Florida Handles Insurers and Undisputed Amounts

insdispute-copyIf you make an insurance claim, the time it takes for a first party insurer to pay any or all of the undisputed amounts will vary. For example, here in the state of Florida, the insurer is legally obligated to pay these amounts within 90 days of receiving notice of the claim. However, there are three conditions that must be met: the insurer must have received notice of the loss, the insurer has determined whether to provide full or partial benefits, and the insurer has agreed to provide coverage.

Should the three conditions have been met and the insurer has yet to pay the undisputed amount of benefits within the 90 day period, it may be in violation of certain state laws or statutes. There are certain exceptions to this, such as if fraud was committed. To fully understand your benefits and navigate the process with as little hassle as possible, your best option may be to consult an attorney that has meticulous knowledge of how insurance claims work in the state of Florida.

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