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Homeowners Still Dealing with Hurricane Irma Insurance Woes

Water damage and mold, leaky roofs, these are just a few examples of the issues homeowners are still dealing with nearly three months into 2018 as they wait for their Hurricane Irma insurance claims to be processed. According to an article featured on the website WINK News, homeowners are grappling with a situation where their claims for legitimate damage are being denied.

In one of the examples provided, a couple that had recently purchased their home ended up with Hurricane Irma damage when their neighbor’s tree fell on their roof. After filing an insurance claim, the adjuster estimated the damage to be around $11,000. After hiring a public adjuster, the estimated damage skyrocketed by more than $90,000.

For homeowners that need some help, Florida’s Department of Financial Services may be able to help. Homeowners can submit their insurance complaints and the department will provide assistance in resolving disputes. Homeowners can also seek legal assistance if necessary. In fact, if you’re a homeowner who must file a lawsuit, Florida law allows at least a portion of your legal fees to be potentially recouped.

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