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Home Insurance Inspections Differ From Standard Home Inspections

Home insurance inspections differ from a normal home inspection as the latter is typically for your peace of mind. You will want to be confident, for example, that the house has no significant structural defects, such as faulty wiring. On the other hand, a home insurance inspection helps the insurance provider to gauge the repair expense of the home. This is also how liability is assessed by the insurance provider to measure the possibility that you will need to make a claim for damages and figure out the premium costs.

Every inspection has its distinct characteristics but generally, the inspector will be taking a closer look at factors like the age and condition of the roof, exterior hazards, the plumbing, flooring and wall conditions, any anti-theft measures, and the condition of the HVAC system, to name a few. With that in mind, you’ll want to be prepared for the inspection and that means examining the roof for loose shingles, clearing out debris from gutters, trimming branches that may be overhanging, examining windows, siding, and doors for cracks or water damage, and also checking out plumbing for leaks.

The more prepared you are, the fewer the chances that the insurance company will deny you home insurance.

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