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Halloween and Your Insurance Policy

October is here which means this month we’ll be celebrating Halloween. The day remains popular as children and adults alike dress up in costume. However, Halloween is also notorious for the havoc it can cause. The use of rotten eggs or “egging”, for example, is a common tradition that may cause damage to a home. That is just one of the several liabilities homeowners should be aware of.

The majority of homeowners’ insurance policies provide coverage should the home be damaged due to vandalism, whether it’s those aforementioned eggs or otherwise. However, because these acts of vandalism aren’t that costly, your policy deductible may not be enough to cover the damage. A policy with a $500 deductible, won’t be covered if the damage ultimately costs $450 in repairs, which means the homeowner may have to pay for the damage out of their own pocket.

On that note, participating in the Halloween festivities means there will be more people on your property, most likely trick-or-treaters. As with any visitor, the homeowner may be held liable if a person suffers an injury while on the property due to negligence, such as a child who slips and falls for instance. It is important to make sure the home is well lit and pathways are free of obstacles or obstructions.

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