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Gift Giving During the Holidays

giftgivingWith the holidays here, it can be a tough time, especially if you’re struggling financially and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on gifts. Holiday shopping can mean going over your budget, which is why it’s critical to carefully plan your gift giving and keep it simple. Here are some tips to help you stay financially fit during the holidays.

Stay away from the credit card. Resist the temptation to swipe at all costs. Remember that even though you may have good intentions, you will still need to pay back all of those gifts and decorations you purchased. Having another debt over your head is never a good thing when you’re already on a tight budget.

Opt for handmade gifts and experiences. Remember, it’s not how expensive the gift is, but the meaning behind it. Think about making a gift that’s meaningful or may have sentimental value. These gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money. On that note, the things that are often remembered fondly are experiences like a game night or doing something enjoyable together.

Make some extra money. You could earn some money by doing something like gift wrapping, which could be fun if it’s something you’re skilled at and enjoy doing as many people don’t have the time to sit and wrap gifts. Selling your crafts, babysitting, house-sitting, all of these can help with bringing in a bit of extra money.

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