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Florida Woman Facing Insurance Fraud Charges

insuranceFraudAccording to an Insurance Journal article, a Miami-based homeowner was recently arrested after being charged with grand theft and insurance fraud. The homeowner allegedly tried to file a damage claim against a new insurance policy despite having received over $50,000 in payout from a former insurance company regarding the same damages.

The homeowner originally filed her insurance claim back in 2005 with her previous insurance provider to cover the damages her home received after several hurricanes, including Wilma and Katrina. She received over $60,000 to take care of the repairs necessary to fix her home. Fast forward five years later to when the woman filed a supplemental damage claim with items that were not originally reported in her 2005 claim. This 2010 claim would end up being denied due to its similarities to the damages reported in the original claim. Additionally, the insurance company noticed that the homeowner had made few repairs to her home after filing her 2005 claim.

In 2015, the homeowner created a new policy with a new insurer where she filed another claim, ultimately deciding not to accept repairs. The claim was subsequently denied after this refusal. She then submitted another new claim to the provider, listing the same damaged areas as the previous claim, only with a much higher amount of money in damages.

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