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Florida Man Files Suit Against Major Insurer


A South Florida man recently filed a lawsuit against Florida Peninsula Insurance Company alleging that the insurer is in breach of contract, according to a recent article published on the Florida Record website.


Back in June, the man/plaintiff filed a complaint in the Broward County Circuit Court alleging that Florida Peninsula breached its duty of good faith and fair dealing. The plaintiff alleges his home suffered damage earlier in the year when a defective plumbing system resulted in accidental water discharge. Though Florida Peninsula allegedly made the necessary payments to cover the damages caused by the faulty plumbing, the plaintiff says they were inadequate in order to take care of the necessary repairs. The plaintiff believes Florida Peninsula is responsible due to allegedly failing to pay the correct amount of insurance policy benefits regarding his claim.


Always remember that insurance companies are not your friends. Make it a point to take some time and thoroughly examine your insurance policy so you’re aware of what your policy covers and what benefits you are legally entitled to.


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