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Florida Legislature Evaluates Insurance Related Bill


Today is the day. The Florida House will likely give the OK to a bill that would overhaul the insurance practice commonly known “assignment of benefits” (AOB). Known as HB 7095, the House began evaluating the bill yesterday, positioning it for a potential vote.

AOB has remained a hotly debated and much-discussed topic during this year’s legislative session. With this practice, property owners have the option of signing over their claims to a contractor which can then take care of receiving payment from an insurance company. Business groups, as well as the insurance industry, are looking to have changes made to this practice, which is believed to be ripe with opportunities for fraud and pursuing legal action.

While AOB was originally centered around water damage claims to South Florida homes, it has since grown to include windshield replacement related claims.

Should HB 7095 be approved and make it beyond the House, the changes to AOB would also have to receive approval from the Senate.
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