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Florida Homeowners Show Greater Storm Concern

With four major storms during the past three years (one of those being a highly dangerous category five), a AAA survey shows that just over ninety percent of Floridians are considerably concerned about the 2019 hurricane season.

Despite the uptick in concerned Florida homeowners versus last year, the increased fears may not be spurring homeowners to become proactive about preparing early for the potential arrival of a major hurricane or any severe weather conditions, for that matter. This is despite major storms like Michael, Irma, and Florence wreaking havoc and causing well over $100 billion in damages, per

The AAA survey reveals some interesting findings. While over seventy percent of respondents would indeed evacuate if they were instructed to do so, over half of them indicated that they would not leave unless the storm was at least a category three or higher.

Hurricane season officially begins on Saturday. With weather experts predicting as many as eight storms this season, now is the time to start preparing.

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