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Florida Homeowners Make Repairs Without Contacting Insurer

A recent Florida court ruling reinforces the importance of filing an insurance claim, knowing your rights, as well as what is and isn’t covered in your policy when your home suffers damage. The case involved homeowners who repaired damage in their home caused by water before filing a claim with their insurance company. The court ruled the homeowners could not recover the loss under their policy because they had prejudiced their insurance company’s ability to investigate the degree of damage.

Back in 2014, the homeowner spent $4,000 renovating the master bathroom due to water damage. He filed an insurance claim a few months later with his insurer but the claim was denied. The homeowner sought legal action. The insurance company alleged that the homeowner did not file the claim in a timely manner. The homeowner testified that the reason why it took so long to report the claim was due to ignorance regarding his rights under the insurance policy.

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