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Florida Homeowners Allege Insurer Failed to Cover Losses

Earlier this month, a pair of homeowners in Orlando filed suit against an insurance company after alleging breach of contract. According to the complaint, the insurer did not provide coverage for the losses caused by a storm.

Last year when Hurricane Irma made its way through Florida, the homeowners suffered damage to their home that was supposedly covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy. Despite the policy being in full effect when the storm rampaged through Florida, the homeowners allege that they have yet to receive any payment to cover the damage and losses. They also allege that the insurance company has either failed or refused to take care of their responsibilities as outlined in the policy terms, including paying in full for the losses as required by the policy.

Hurricane season is still in full swing until the end of November which means there is still a risk a storm may make its way through Florida. Have you read your policy terms? Know your rights and your coverage so you can be prepared to get the money owed to you by your insurance company.

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