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Florida Homeowner Continues to Deal with Sinkhole Claim

A Florida homeowner who was dealing with a sinkhole claim put his faith in his insurance company only to end up feeling as if the insurance company took advantage of him, according to a News Channel 8 article published last week. The claim was filed back in 2011 after the homeowner noticed his home was showing cracks. Seven years after filing the claim with the well-known insurance company, the homeowner believes the insurer is lowballing him on the cost of repairing the sinkhole damage and is doing so because he signed a settlement a few years ago which waived his right to sue the insurer.

The homeowner obtained a pair of estimates from two different companies, both of which ended up saying the cost to restore the home would hover around $200,000. The homeowner believes the insurance company is basing its lowball offer on a “flawed” estimate costing around $104,000. In the article, the homeowner mentions several details he believes were overlooked.

Though the insurance company did readjust the estimate, it is still not considered enough. You can read more about it at the following link:

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