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Florida Court Bars Homeowner’s Hurricane Insurance Claim



Last month, a Florida court ruled that a homeowner whose property was damaged by Hurricane Irma would not be able to file suit against the insurance company where the mortgagee was the name listed under the policy as the insured and the homeowner was listed as the borrower.

The homeowner sued his insurance company as the owner of the property mortgaged to a different company. The lawsuit stated the company was the name insured under an insurance policy that was issued by the insurance company. The property sustained damage back in 2017 and the homeowner reported the loss to the insurance company asking to pay for the damage. The insurance company sought to have the case dismissed.

The homeowner did concede that although he wasn’t the name listed as insured under the policy, he did argue that as the owner he had an insurable interest that allowed him standing as a beneficiary, albeit a third party one.

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