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Florida Aims to Get Rid of Insurance Policy Surprises

One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner after their home has suffered storm damage is realizing their insurance policy does not cover a certain amount of damage. A recent article published in Florida Politics discusses something that’s being done to address this situation.

It’s often stressed the importance of actually reading a policy’s terms and conditions to avoid any unwanted surprises. With new legislation that recently made its way successfully through the Florida Senate, policyholders would notice a large, bolded, eighteen-point font type warning them that their hurricane coverage does not cover flood damage. Should the bill pass, it would require all policy documentation to stipulate that flood insurance needs to be considered as the policy does not cover “damage resulting from flood, even if hurricane winds and rain caused the flood to occur.”

With rising sea levels, even the Florida Wildlife Federation is endorsing the bill. Now that it’s cleared the Senate, it will make one more stop to be evaluated by a Rules Committee.

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