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Financial Apps for Your Smartphone

financialappsToday’s smartphones can make our lives incredibly productive, allowing us to easily track and keep a close eye on finances. If you’re looking to save money (especially with the holiday season quickly approaching), there are a couple of financial apps you can use to help you stay on track.

Mint has been around for several years and is highly effective at helping you see where your money is going. You can keep track of all of your accounts and any transaction you make will be recorded. Using the app you’ll be able to see where you may be spending too much and it can alert you if you go over your budget.

Do you have trouble with keeping track of bill due dates? The appropriately named Bill Tracker lets you enter all due dates and amounts in one place. When future payments need to be made, you’ll receive a notification and the due date on your calendar will be highlighted.

Are you trying to work your way out of debt? DebtTracker Pro will help you with creating a payoff plan, and you’re free to determine which strategy works best for you. Similar to Bill Tracker, you’ll receive a notification when a payment is due. You’ll also find visuals to show you how close you are to your payoff goals. Finally, remember that you should check your three credit reports at least once a year and you can obtain those reports at no cost to you by visiting

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