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Don’t Hesitate to Make an Insurance Claim

Most homeowners think that they should only contact their insurance company for major issues such as storm damage, a fire, or leaks. They may believe that if the issue isn’t of a certain magnitude, it’s not worth a call. Considering you’re probably paying a lot of money for your policy, it’s worth giving it a shot. Let’s explore a few examples of seemingly unbelievable scenarios that were covered by insurance.

A Florida homeowner was trying to get rid of a bug infestation by using cans of fog designed to exterminate insects. Considering the size of the home (3,000 square feet), a trio of cans would have been sufficient. However, instead, the homeowner using more than thirty cans and on top of that, the refrigerator was not unplugged. The combination of the massive gas from the cans plus a spark from the fridge resulted in an explosion.

Cats and motion-activated faucets collectively caused flooding in another scenario. When a dishcloth was left in the sink, a cat waving its paws to activate the sensors lead to an overflow of water.

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