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Don’t Believe These Insurance Myths

It’s often stressed how important it is to take a close look at your insurance policy to find out what it does and doesn’t cover. Many homeowners may find that they aren’t covered as well as they think they are. This may also be due to persistent insurance myths, a few of which we’re here to dispel.

For starters, an insurance policy won’t necessarily cover all of your valuables, particularly artwork, jewelry, or any vehicles you may own for pleasure. With artwork, for example, they may require separate policies if they’re expensive. Make sure you know where your belongings stand before a major disaster damages them.

Your insurance has very little to do with the market value of your home. Factors that go into the price of your premium include what it’s replacement value would be, such as the cost of materials and labor. This is often why older homes cost a lot more to insure than newer ones with modern construction.

Here’s one you should know by now: your policy protects against flooding. That is incorrect. In most cases, flood coverage requires purchasing a completely separate flood insurance policy.

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