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Does Your Insurance Company Have the Right to Repair?

Did you pay close to attention to the fine print on your homeowners’ insurance policy before purchasing it? If you didn’t, you may have overlooked the “right to repair” clause which may allow insurance companies a level of control over your home.

Last year, a homeowner in Palm Beach homeowner had a dishwasher leak. Two years before that, the insurance company had addressed and taken care of the leak. When it was time to repair the dishwasher once again, the homeowner had the option of replacing the dishwasher entirely, but due to the right to repair clause, it was the insurance company that had the last word on how the dishwasher scenario should be addressed.

The right to repair ensures that the insurance company will be able to determine the type of damage that may exist, who will resolve the losses and how they will be repaired.

Always ensure you fully know the terms and conditions before you agree on an insurance policy. Should you wish to read more about the Palm Beach homeowner, please visit

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