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Does Your Business Have Insurance?

Are you the owner of a small or mid-size business? It’s important to have the proper coverage for any incidents that may occur at the business. The unexpected is always possible, and it’s better to be protected against anything that may happen.

A business owner’s policy protects small to mid-size businesses while protecting any major property and liability risk. These policies help all businesses but may be particularly useful for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, real estate agents or property managers.

Life takes unexpected turns sand anything can happen in your business. A person, may, for example, become injured while they’re waiting to be seen for their appointment, a common South Florida storm can damage windows or leaks, or a driver may plow through your storefront, which is unusually common. These are just two examples of many which, if you don’t have a business owner’s policy, you’ll need to take care of yourself financially and perhaps legally if a person suffers an injury.

Each business owner’s policy varies in its terms but the majority of them will provide property insurance coverage, business interruption insurance, and protection from liabilities. Property insurance takes care of damage resulting from events such as fire, natural disasters, and vandalism, for example. This portion of the policy will cover most owned or rented properties.

As its name suggests, business interruption insurance will provide coverage for income lost due to a disaster such as a fire that forces the business to close. Sometimes, it can also cover the expense of operating a second location. On that note, liability insurance covers damages that may occur at the place of business such as a person someone getting injured or products being damaged.

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