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Dealing with Proof of Loss

In most cases, an insurance company will require homeowners to submit a form called Proof of Loss should their home sustain damages. This document is typically one page and it requests certain information from the policyholder such as the time and date the loss occurred, what kind of loss the policyholder is claiming, and the precise damage amounts being requested. The form may also require estimates or other calculations proving the damage claims being made.

A vital aspect of Proof of Loss worth keeping in mind is the following: should the insurance company request the provision of an executed Proof of Loss, the policyholder is required to comply with the request before a lawsuit can be filed against the insurance company or otherwise proceeding with the claim. If the policyholder does not or refuses to provide the Proof of Loss and all of the information being requested, it may be construed as failing to cooperate.

Should an insurance company request a Proof of Loss, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a qualified insurance lawyer. These people are aware of the maneuvers often utilized by insurance companies to deny claims.

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