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Contract Dispute

Disputes may arise out of the terms and conditions outlined under a contract. Such disagreements may be clarified under the language of the subject contract or the argument may be a matter of law. However, a party may fail to perform the terms of a contract causing a breach of contract, which often leads to arbitrary settlements, mediation conferences, and or civil litigation. While contracts are drafted to clearly outline the rights and obligations of the signing parties, disputes frequently arise over the terms of the business, the interest of the members or shareholders involved, and a failure to properly compensate an insured under an insurance policy after a loss has occurred. At Alonso & Perez LLP, we have successfully litigated and mediated contractual disputes with favorable results for our clients.

At Alonso & Perez LLP, we understand that contractual disputes must be resolved quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. We handle the following types of contract disputes:

  • Reviewing and Drafting Commercial Contracts
  • Breach of Contract Disputes
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes

We believe the best way to uphold a contract is by drafting smart, solid contracts upfront. We draft contracts that are clear, concise with ironclad legal clauses that reduce the possibility of future litigation, ultimately saving our clients time and money. In addition, a proper understanding of insurance policies and the insured’s rights and obligations allow us to effectively protect the insured’s interest and maximize their recovery.

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