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Citizens Launches Its Managed Repair Program

peepsEarlier this month, last-resort insurer Citizens officially launched its Managed Repair Program, aimed at tackling the costs of claims abuses. New policyholders, as well as those renewing their policy, will find new language in their policies that includes a list of repair contractors approved by Citizens.

With the Managed Repair Program, Citizens will have greater control over the process of handling claims, from assessing damage to sending out a contractor to make necessary repairs. In the past, the company has argued that far too many independent contractors, particularly from South Florida, have managed to convince policyholders to sign over their claims rights, resulting in the assignment of benefits abuse.

Policyholders have the option of refusing to use the list of Citizens approved contractors and they may even do so after work has already commenced. However, there is a stipulation that Citizens can still repair the property “in lieu of payment and at our option.” The program has received criticism because it may prevent customers from exercising their right to determine who makes the repairs on their home.

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