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Check Your Policy Terms Before Hurricane Season

A CNBC article tells the story of a homeowner whose property sustained damage following a tornado. Though the home was only damaged externally, he found out that his homeowners’ insurance policy did not cover all of the damage. While the policy terms provided the coverage to replace the roof entirely, the siding of the home was a different story, covering only certain spots.

The rude awakening for the homeowner serves as a reminder to all homeowners that the terms of their policy may not cover all the damage they think it will in the event their home sustains damage to the effects of Mother Nature. Now is the time to take a close look at the policy and fully understand what your responsibilities are and what your insurer won’t take care of. The start of hurricane season is just a few months away and as you’ve likely seen in the past, these storms can cause millions or even billions of dollars in damage.

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