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Understanding Student Loans

Student loans are the largest source of debt for American households. An average student graduates with a $25,000.00 loan balance and for many people, one of the several factors that lead to a bankruptcy filing is being unable to pay for student loans. Student loans are often a necessity for someone seeking to obtain his…Continued

Will You Lose Your Home in a Bankruptcy?

Among the many questions a person may have when filing for bankruptcy is what will become of their home. Generally speaking, your home will be protected during a bankruptcy as long as your equity in the home is fully exempt. Even if your home’s equity is not fully exempt you could keep it if you…Continued

Insurance Planning Can Save Time and Headaches

Florida is currently at the peak of hurricane season, and although the bulk of it has come and gone, there is still a chance that a storm could arrive and cause significant amounts of damage. Now is an ideal time for homeowners to look over their insurance plans as some of the terms and coverage…Continued

Start Your Debt Free Journey Without the Credit Cards

Now that 2017 is here, you have a blank canvas to start making better financial decisions and start building the foundations towards living debt free. One of the first steps you can take to begin this journey is to ditch your credit cards and keep them somewhere where you’re not tempted to use them unless…Continued

The Primary Reason People File for Bankruptcy May Surprise You

When someone files for bankruptcy, the finger is often pointed towards the person’s spending habits. However, the primary reason why so many Americans end up in debt has very little to do with their temptation to spend money. The major culprit in bankruptcy filings? Medical debt. Over a quarter of Americans have difficulty paying their…Continued

Who Is Responsible for Florida’s AOB Fiasco?

A recent study shows that the rampant abuse of the assignment of benefits (AOB) crisis can be largely attributed to a small group of law professionals and service providers. These people are the ones mostly responsible for the huge number of lawsuits aimed at insurers. In fact, one lawyer was responsible for allegedly filing more…Continued

The Return of Expedited H1-B Visa Applications

There is some good news to report for foreign high-tech workers seeking a visa: federal immigration authorities are once again fast processing some visa requests according to a recent Miami Herald article, H-1B applications to be precise. These applications come with a guaranteed decision within a fifteen day period in exchange for a processing fee…Continued

Florida Insurance Claims Continue to Rise

Insurance claims related to Hurricane Irma continue to rise in Florida. FEMA has approved over 140,000 applications and provided more than $120 million to take care of damages to homes and businesses without insurance or the necessary coverage. Despite those numbers, they fail to represent the massive number of hurricane-related claims throughout the state. According…Continued

Citizens Expects a 2018 Uptick

According to a recent Insurance Journal article, last resort insurer Citizens Property Insurance Corp. is expecting the number of policyholders to increase next year. This is after taking steps to get rid of some of its policies a couple of years ago. The state-run insurer anticipates more than 50,000 policyholders will defect from private insurance…Continued

Revamped Flood Map May Require Insurance

Is your home in a zone that doesn’t require flood insurance? If so, you may wish to pay attention. According to, the city of Miami is in the middle of revamping its flood hazard maps, and it’s asking for your help in doing it. Joining forces with FEMA, Miami has already released a preliminary…Continued