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Insurance Reform Is of the Essence

Florida’s legislative sessions kicked off recently, and once again, insurance reform was at the forefront as insurers stress the need to re-evaluate Florida’s insurance market. This year, however, with significant rate hikes and insurers tightening the reins on coverage, stakeholders and industry followers believe 2021 insurance reform is more important than ever. Payer activists, insurance…Continued

Older Roof Replacement Costs May Skyrocket

If your Florida home has a roof that is over a decade old, you may be facing even heftier costs to have it repaired should planned legislation become law. Senate Bill (SB) 76 will permit insurance providers to modify the way they provide coverage for roofs. In the proposal, the insurance provider will pay you…Continued

Homeowners Insurance 101

As the year begins to wind down, you may be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps one of them is to become a first-time homeowner. If you plan on applying for a mortgage, you’re going to need a homeowners insurance policy. Today, we’d like to provide a brief introduction to what it’s all about. Homeowners…Continued

Watch Out for Florida Contractor Scams

A WTVY article talks about homeowners that are still dealing with issues surrounding fraudulent contractors two years after Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc. The article serves as a reminder of how important it is for homeowners to educate themselves on spotting a fake contractor or someone trying to pull a scam. One of the most common tactics used…Continued

Preparing Your Business for a Hurricane

With hurricane season having arrived, it is crucial to always be prepared. Securing your home for natural disasters is always at the top of one’s list. What about securing your business? For most business owners, preparing their business for a hurricane means securing their location. Making sure your work space is fortified is necessary, but…Continued

Florida Insurer Changes Its Mind on Policy Cancellations

Previously we discussed how insurer Citizens Property Insurance Corp (run by the state of Florida) was gearing up to resume policy cancellations and nonrenewals beginning on the 15th of next month. After the CFO of Florida urged the last-resort insurer to reconsider its decision due to the COVID-19 pandemic and being in the middle of…Continued

Smart Homes Are Resulting in Pricey Lightning Damage

Last year, Florida experienced nearly 250 lightning events per square mile, earning it the dubious distinction of being the top state for lightning strikes. With its nearness to the ocean and the hot weather, storms can develop and move inland, increasing the chances of a home experiencing a lightning strike. Although homeowners insurance claims citing…Continued

Floridians Are Understandably Worried About Hurricane Season

Hurricane season has arrived and a recent survey shows many Floridians are expressing greater concern for this year’s possible storms than those of the past, given the other issues that are also affecting the state such as COVID-19. Over 1,400 residents participated and more than seventy percent of them stated they are more concerned than…Continued

Read the Terms of Your Insurance Policy

Homeowner insurance premiums typically carry hefty price tags, so you may decide to explore quotes with a different provider that’s offering something at a rate closer to your budget. However, following a storm, you find your home has been damaged. Upon filing a claim, however, it’s not good news: the insurer informs you that that…Continued

Is Your Insurance Policy Ready for Hurricane Season?

It may seem like it was only recently that we endured the 2019 hurricane season and yet the start of the 2020 hurricane season is fewer than six months away. Now is the time to ensure that you have the right coverage as most insurance companies will not write policies if there is a storm…Continued