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Know Your Policy Terms With Short Term Rentals

Short-term rentals provide a useful way for homeowners to make some money if they have rooms that aren’t being used. Short-term rentals are enticing, especially in cities such as Miami, but many considerations need to be evaluated before taking the plunge. There is a possible problem of the insurance policy, for instance. Did you scrutinize…Continued

Make Sure Your Home Isn’t a Halloween Hazard

Halloween is just a few days away and there are good odds there will still be plenty of children and adults dressing up in costume to celebrate. However, Halloween is also notorious for the havoc it can cause. The use of rotten eggs or “egging”, for example, is a common tradition that may cause damage…Continued

Insurance Companies Are Ramping up Inspections

As insurance companies deal with financial losses, they are ramping up efforts to mitigate risks and losses by requesting more home inspections be performed. The goal is to require additional homeowners to take care of any possible issues or the insurer may be able to find justification to get rid of properties that are considered…Continued

What Is Hazard Insurance All About?

It’s easy to confuse hazard insurance and homeowners’ insurance. Despite its name, hazard is not an entirely separate policy, it’s a component of a homeowner’s policy. It’s the part that will take care of replacing the structure and contents of a home should a natural disaster occur. The remainder of the homeowners’ insurance will protect…Continued

Hurricane Preparedness 101

With hurricane season in full swing and weather analysts predicting an above-average number of storms, you may wish to start preparing in case a major storm does decide to make its way to South Florida. The following tips may seem familiar but are worth highlighting, especially for first-time homeowners that have yet to experience the…Continued

Your Insurance May Have Changed

As the official start of hurricane season looms, there are even more reasons to take a look at your home insurance and ensure the coverage meets your needs or those of your home. Based on the age of your home, policy terms may affect you significantly. Depending on the last time you took a close…Continued

Know What to Do During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts in less than two months, which highlights the value of knowing what to do should a hurricane decide to target South Florida. Instead of discussing what steps homeowners should take, let’s discuss those that they shouldn’t take. Refrain from waiting. When a big storm causes damage to several properties, insurance companies may…Continued

Evaluating the Flood History of a Home

You’ve decided to buy a Florida home in 2020 and one of the first things you’ll be doing is making sure the home you’re interested in undergoes inspection. This is a smart move as it can potentially reveal issues that may make you think twice about purchasing. For example, maybe the home has a history…Continued

First Time Homeowner? Save Money on Repairs

It’s a new year and that means many people may be thinking about becoming first-time homeowners in 2020. Homeownership can be a rewarding milestone but it’s also one that comes with potential costs that need to be taken into account, alongside mortgage payments. A major difference between a homeowner and renting is that there is…Continued

Citizens Policyholders May See Lower Rates

When Florida passed assignment of benefits (AOB) reform back in July, it came as great news to insurance companies. The head of Citizens Property Insurance Corp has states he’s noticed a difference. In the meantime, most Citizens policyholders may see premium relief from the new law as the post-AOB overhaul rate of the insurer is…Continued