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Lack of Flood Disclosure May Present Problems

There are few areas in the United States where you can buy a house with a higher chance of floods than the Florida coast. Sellers, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about it. Since the Sunshine State does not need disclosure about whether or not a property has ever flooded, it’s not something…Continued

Florida Insurer Wins Longtime Case Involving Non-Contractual Damages

A decades-old case against Citizens Property Insurance Corp. in favor of the insurer has been settled by the Florida Supreme Court in a decision that, although expected, may have far-reaching implications on Florida’s real estate market. The case concerned a first-party breach of contract lawsuit where the insured property tried to regain extra-contractual, consequential damages…Continued

Benefits Assignment Right Upheld by Florida Court

An appeals court in Florida has affirmed the ability of policyholders to assign employees a right to receive benefits from an insurance settlement, rejecting decisions of the trial court in favor of insurers. In December, the Florida 3rd District Court of Appeals ruled that by including the assignment of benefits limitation in the contract for…Continued

Insurance Scam May Turn You into a Major Risk

Here is a scenario that may seem quite familiar if you live in South Florida or if you’ve been reading our blog for some time. You’re at home when a stranger knocks on the door introducing themselves as a repairman or someone well-versed in insurance, eager to help you repair the damage to your home.…Continued

Tropical Storm Eta May Result in Insurance Rate Hikes

Tropical Storm Eta has arrived and left significant levels of flooding and some degree of wind damage in its wake. While this may have been expected, what homeowners may not be prepared for is the strong possibility of an insurance rate hike, even if they choose not to file a claim as a result of…Continued

Massive Insurance Rates Are Imminent

The steep increases in homeowners’ insurance loom ever closer. According to a Sun-Sentinel article, homeowners may face rate hikes as 40% higher than what they are currently paying. Insurers have long warned that the fusion of court cases, assignment of benefits, and much more active storm seasons would lead to steep increases. The article shows…Continued

Many Floridians Are Unaware of Insurance Coverage

For only the second time in history, a whopping five named were active in the Atlantic Ocean. One of them, Hurricane Sally, is currently on its way to the Gulf Coast of Florida while Tropical Storm Teddy is also predicted to become a hurricane. With the amount of potentially dangerous storms looming, homeowners should be…Continued

Does the Roof Need Repairs or a Replacement?

The roof is a large part of the foundation of your house, and it greatly affects how the house can withstand a major storm or how hot it will get during seasons like summer. This further highlights the value of carefully evaluating whether the roof can merely be patched, or whether it needs to be…Continued

Simple Tips for a Sturdier Roof

As recently reinforced by Hurricane Isaias, Florida is frequently susceptible to tropical cyclones. Since hurricane season will stick around until the end of November, homeowners may wish to use this time to ensure that their roof is in good shape. Whether your roof is freshly installed or if it has endured the effects of Mother…Continued

Don’t Hesitate to Make an Insurance Claim

Most homeowners think that they should only contact their insurance company for major issues such as storm damage, a fire, or leaks. They may believe that if the issue isn’t of a certain magnitude, it’s not worth a call. Considering you’re probably paying a lot of money for your policy, it’s worth giving it a…Continued

Florida Insurer Moves Forward with Policy Cancellations and Nonrenewals

Are you among the many homeowners that also happen to be a Citizens Property Insurance Corp. policyholder? If so, heads up. According to an Insurance Journal article, the last resort insurer is gearing up to resume its cancellations and nonrenewals after they were temporarily put on hold back in March following the COVID-19 outbreak. Customers…Continued

What Is Hazard Insurance All About?

It’s easy to confuse hazard insurance and homeowners’ insurance. Despite its name, hazard is not an entirely separate policy, it’s a component of a homeowner’s policy. It’s the part that will take care of replacing the structure and contents of a home should a natural disaster occur. The remainder of the homeowners’ insurance will protect…Continued

Which Insurance Company Is Right for Your Home?

Homeowners insurance, like every other form of insurance policy, has a multitude of components involved. There are multiple factors to take into account when selecting your policy that go far beyond simply knowing what you’re going to be paying every month or year for the premium. If you’re seeking an insurance policy for your home,…Continued

Virtual Insurance Claims May Be the Future

Even as states like Florida look to return to a degree of normalcy in the age of COVID-19, the pandemic is still a threat and social distancing remains an effective way of preventing the spread. With hurricane season looming, there is always the possibility of a storm wreaking havoc on a property. One insurance company…Continued

Florida Insurers Are Seeking Substantial Rate Increases

Florida homeowners already pay some of the highest insurance premiums in the country. If Florida carriers have their way, however, they may find themselves paying even more. According to an Insurance Journal article, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) is evaluating current filings with “substantial increases” of anywhere between twenty to forty percent. Insurers…Continued

Don’t Believe These Insurance Myths

It’s often stressed how important it is to take a close look at your insurance policy to find out what it does and doesn’t cover. Many homeowners may find that they aren’t covered as well as they think they are. This may also be due to persistent insurance myths, a few of which we’re here…Continued

Make Some Financial Changes in 2020

A New Year brings plenty of opportunities to start fresh or make some changes in regards to the finances. With the arrival of 2020, consider a few tips to better control your finances and potentially have some money available in case of a rainy day. Make a fund for repairs. A homeowner can spend about…Continued

Citizens Property Insurance Seeks to Shed Policies

After shedding policies for several years, last-resort Florida insurer Citizens’ Property Insurance may be downsizing once again. Its board is again bringing in an external evaluator at the behest of a state legislator to help the insurer determine whether and how to further trim their policyholder base. Currently, the company holds over 400,000+ policies. A…Continued

Your Dream Home May Be a Flood Risk

When purchasing a home, you want to have full disclosure about any issues it may have. That’s one of the reasons why it’s highly suggested to have a home inspection done. But what do you do in a situation where you find out the home is a major flood risk after you purchased it? An…Continued

Save Money on Insurance with a Security System

Modern security systems feature robust technology designed to keep your home, family, and belongings safe. Many homeowners’ insurance policies also give discounts if you have a security and/or alarm system installed in your home. However, make sure you talk to your insurer or agent as there may be restrictions on what they consider to be…Continued

Debunking Myths Surrounding Flood Insurance

  Flooding can quickly damage your home and belongings and since we’re still in hurricane season, it’s worth reminding and reinforcing to homeowners that floods are typically not covered in most insurance policies. Though some homeowners’ insurance policies will provide coverage if, for example, a pipe were to burst inside of the home, flooding due…Continued

Does Your Policy Cover Pets ?

    While many of us view pets are four-legged members of the family, it’s worth remembering that these are animals which, if scared or agitated, can become aggressive and possibly bite someone. With the holiday season just around the corner, you’re probably going to have more people over; make sure you’re protecting yourself from…Continued

Halloween and Your Insurance Policy

October is here which means this month we’ll be celebrating Halloween. The day remains popular as children and adults alike dress up in costume. However, Halloween is also notorious for the havoc it can cause. The use of rotten eggs or “egging”, for example, is a common tradition that may cause damage to a home.…Continued

Miami Makes Changes to Flood Maps

When’s the last time you checked whether your home is located in a flood zone? Flood maps in Miami were recently tweaked, which means Miami’s changes and amendments to flood maps and related ordinances will bring about major changes. The properties on the revised maps are now situated in special flood hazard areas. This means…Continued

Numerous Homeowners Dropped Flood Insurance

Hurricane Dorian has come and gone, yet some recent news reveals something potentially alarming. According to an analysis, over thirty percent of homeowners in the storm’s path had chosen to cancel their flood insurance policy. Had the storm continued on its original path, this may have resulted in tens of thousands of people along the…Continued