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Be Wary of “Free” Roof Repairs

Insurance scams are not uncommon yet homeowners often fall for them. Many of these scams begin with a person claiming to be a licensed contractor approaching your doorstep following a storm offering to fix home damages for an unusually low fee or they may say that they will deal directly with the insurance company.

A somewhat similar scam recently happened at a place in Florida called The Villages. An unusually large number of homes in this area were being re-roofed allegedly for free, spurring other residents to think that they have been missing out. Sure enough, an inspector was offering to take a look at the 20+ year old roofs at no cost.

After finding storm damage, the inspector informs the homeowner that their homeowners’ insurance company will take care of purchasing them a new roof. The homeowner contacts their insurance company to report that there is damage and an inspector is dispatched to the property who then corroborates what the original inspector found. The insurance company has the roof repaired by a roofing company and pays for it after meeting the deductible. The homeowner is satisfied the roof was repaired at no cost.

The catch? That “free” roof will likely lead to a higher premium. Hence, if you do have storm damage, it’s always best to contact the insurance company directly instead of relying on a random inspector.

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