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Avoid Costly Home Insurance Pitfalls

The 2020 storm season has been an active one and has included close calls like Hurricane Isaias which came dangerously close to South Florida before shifting direction. As more storms arise, it’s important to be prepared when it comes to home insurance. That also means avoiding common pitfalls that may end up being costly.

Strongly consider flood insurance. For many homeowners, flood insurance is a separate, optional purchase though it may be required if you have a mortgage. Keeping in mind that standard homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover floods, it may be worth considering. As little as an inch of water can cause thousands in damage.

Know your deductible. New homeowners may make the false assumption that it’s best to pay the lowest premium possible to cut down on costs. While this might make sense, keep in mind that a lower premium often means a higher deductible. This means having to pay more out of your pocket before the insurance kicks in and could prove costly if your home does sustain damage.

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