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Assignment of Benefits Bills Draw Criticism



A pair of unrelated bills that would affect assignment of benefits (AOB) processes for when property owners have to file a claim with their insurance company is receiving opposition from a Florida association. The group believes that SB 122 and HB 7065 do not adequately meet the needs of homeowners or contractors.

Both the House and Senate bills will be evaluated this Florida Legislature session, and they both contain changes to AOB processes requiring home or property owners to communicate with their insurance company in order to figure out who is able to make repairs and how much can be spent. The group is looking to have AOB reformed so that homeowners can get work done promptly when they file a claim while also ensuring contractors are able to get paid properly for the work they do.

A Largo homeowner had a leaky roof, which caused his home to flood. The insurance company sent out a “preferred vendor” to take care of the issue which was repaired using heavy dryers and dehumidifiers. The issue happened a second and then a third time. The homeowner has spent over ten months attempting to get the issue resolved. The example reinforces the problem where an insurance company requires a homeowner to contact them first so that they can send out a contractor of their choice, which may do not the best job.

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