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Alleged Unlicensed Contractor Busted by Disaster Fraud Team


Just weeks after Florida launched a disaster fraud team, an unlicensed contractor has already been arrested for allegedly conducting shoddy roof repairs and operating without insurance. The roof work was performed following the effects of Hurricane Irma. Fraud detectives found that the man was purportedly presenting himself as an insured and licensed contractor. However, he had no license nor did he have any workers’ compensation coverage. The Department Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Compliance received a tip earlier this month about the contractor alleging his company was performing unlicensed, uninsured work.

Florida’s anti-fraud team is actually comprised of a trio of teams currently working in areas most affected by Hurricane Irma. One of these areas includes Miami-Dade County. If you’ve been a victim of insurance fraud or if you’re currently dealing with storm damage to your home and an insurance company is giving you a hard time, we may be able to help you.

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