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A Home Evaluation May Save You on Insurance

The official start of hurricane season is imminent and now is the perfect time to start making sure your home is prepared in the event a major storm decides to pass through South Florida. The following improvements may help with protecting your home and they can potentially reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.

We’ll begin with the roof. Besides taking into consideration the age of the roof you should also evaluate what type of roof you have. A recent roof is important but so is the method in which it is tied down. Roofing has evolved considerably and today, it is common to use “straps” to ensure the roof is secure.

For your windows, ones that are impact-resistant are ideal. However, don’t forget about the potential discount benefits of shutters. Most inspectors will check the window covering materials but they’ll also take a look to see if the installation was done correctly.

Here’s a fun fact: the direction in which your door swings open is important. In a storm, it’s easier for the winds to open the door if it swings inward. With that in mind, make sure to add protection for any glass that may be on your front door.
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