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A Brief Look into the Insurance Adjuster Process

During the insurance claim process, an adjuster will likely pay a visit to the home, so it’s worth knowing what to expect. Depending on the severity of the damage, the adjuster will spend a few to multiple hours inspecting the house. They need to be as detailed as possible. If you happen upon something that the adjuster missed following completion of the inspection, the insurance provider may falsely believe the damage happened after.

After conducting the inspection, the adjuster must send a report to their office, which will be forwarded to the parent insurance firm and review the report for a few days before deciding how much it will pay to care of the repairs. This can take weeks in some situations.

You can theoretically move the process along by taking a proactive attitude. Thoroughly document any and all damage, including snapping photos. Check back periodically to ensure the insurance company or whoever is handling the claim isn’t putting it aside. You may also want to recruit an insurance attorney to protect yourself should a scenario arise where the insurance provider commits an expensive mistake during the entire process.

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