If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed with your debts and mounting bills, you may be considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. At Alonso & Perez, LLP., in Miami, Florida, we can provide you with a knowledgeable assessment of your situation to help you determine if bankruptcy is the right option for you.

Consider the questions listed below. If you answer yes to three or more of the questions, you will probably want to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer right away. We can help. For a thoughtful, caring assessment of your situation and your options and for answers to your bankruptcy questions, contact our law office today.

  • Is your debt over $5000, not including your car or your house?
  • Are you frequently late on payments?
  • Do your payments account for over 25 percent of your take home pay?
  • Do you pay over 20 percent interest on your debt?
  • Do you buy necessary items, such as food and clothing, on credit?
  • Have you considered taking out a loan to pay other loans?
  • Are you receiving harassing calls from creditors?
  • Do you make regular payments without your balances going down?
  • Do you have payments that are over one month behind on more than one bill?
  • Are your wages being garnished?
  • Are you being sued?
  • Have you been turned down for credit?
  • Are you frequently getting cash advances?
  • Are you without any savings?
  • Is your car worth more than you owe?
  • Is your mortgage or rent frequently late?
  • Do you have high medical bills that are not being paid by insurance?
  • Do you owe income taxes you cannot pay?

Bankruptcy Myths

Most people have wrong information about bankruptcy. Fears often hold people back from using this helpful process. We know that filing for Bankruptcy is a tough decision and often made even tougher by listening to people who are not qualified to give legal advice. We hope that by explaining some of the misconceptions about Bankruptcy we can help you determine whether it is a right choice for you and your family.

There are many technical rules in bankruptcy and the ability to protect what you have while getting rid of your debt may seem confusing, this is why the information you rely on to make the decision to file Bankruptcy should be trusted to qualified attorneys. We can represent you and help you understand exactly how we can protect you.

You can have credit cards again as soon as a couple of months after filing. You will have the ability to start rebuilding your credit after the final discharge of your debt.

In Florida you will not lose you primary residence (homestead), pension, IRA or 401(k). There are ways to protect certain property like cars, to help you keep them. Call us today for a full explanation.

In Florida, your creditor can sue you for five years and collect against you for another twenty years after that. That’s 25 years of looking over your shoulder, and hopefully you will not be unemployed for 25 years. You have choices, consider what filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy would do for you. We can help you ease your worries and concerns, don’t let misinformation guide your decisions, get armed with the facts, call us today.

Most likely your employer will not find out about the bankruptcy unless you tell them. Your employers are not allowed to fire or refuse to hire you (or take other adverse action) for filing bankruptcy.

If you file for Bankruptcy your spouse’s credit will be unaffected.

Some taxes can not be discharged but others can be. Let us explain your options to you and help you make an informed decision.

At Alonso & Perez, LLP you will find courteous, personal service. At our firm, we take pride in doing it right, and doing it right the first time because we know your financial situation is a very important, persona matter. It is extremely important that you hire an attorney who is experienced in the field of bankruptcy and focuses entirely on representing you and protecting what concerns you most. Contact Alonso & Perez, LLP for a free explanation of how the current bankruptcy laws apply to you.

Miami Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

(Also serving Broward and West Palm Beach)

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the quickest and most practical way to eliminating your debts and starting over. At Alonso & Perez, LLP, the Miami bankruptcy attorney—Rafael Alonso will talk to you personally in a free office consultation about the benefits (and risks, if any) of your particular case. Do not rely on what you’ve heard or read from non-bankruptcy attorneys or people who have filed for bankruptcy in the past—your own financial situation is not identical to anyone else’s!

At Alonso & Perez, LLP, the Miami bankruptcy attorneys focus solely on helping you and your family find debt relief by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We provide you personal service by meeting directly with you and taking the time to listen to your questions and concerns. Because solving your financial crisis is important to us, we always personally return your phone calls and answer your questions. Let us, the Miami bankruptcy attorneys, personally show you how we can help you get a fresh financial start. Contact us today for a free office consultation.

In Florida, there are many laws that protect your property and assets when you file for bankruptcy. The Miami bankruptcy attorneys, Alonso & Perez LLP, will speak to you personally about how the following can be protected when filing for bankruptcy:

• your home, your car
• your personal and household goods
• your tax return
• your retirement and pension funds
• prepaid college funds
• Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or disability income
• Workers’ compensation awards

You should know that some debts will not be eliminated by filing for bankruptcy—student loans, child support, drunk driving debts, and most tax debts owed to the IRS.

At Alonso & Perez, LLP, the Miami bankruptcy attorneys know that deciding to file for bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make. And that is why we strongly believe in providing you with personal service—directly from the attorney. The Miami bankruptcy attorneys, Alonso & Perez, LLP, are committed to helping you and your family find debt relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Take advantage of our free office consultation so that we can personally explain to you how bankruptcy applies to your particular financial situation. You can count on us, the Miami bankruptcy attorneys, Alonso & Perez, LLP, to personally answer your questions and help you get a fresh financial start.

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